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Suncoast Pipette Repair is a full-service pipette calibration, repair and validation service provider, specializing in laboratory compliance and traceability.

Suncoast Pipette Repair services private industry, universities, research and clinical labs and many others. We offer on-site personal, hands on service. Suncoast Pipette Repair is extensively trained and has experience in the pipette service since 1994. We will customise service strategies to fulfill any requirements. Service and repair of pipettes is performed on site, under controlled conditions, using precision balances and original manufacture parts and following DIN 12650-6 and ISO 8655-6 standards. Our calibration reports can help your lab meet its compliance requirements with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), National Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (NCCLS), Good Manufacturing practice (GMP), Good Laboratory practice (GLP) and College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Suncoast Pipette Repair will service and calibrate all brands of pipettes to exacting standards. You will be provided with a full service and calibration report. We use Sartorius microbalances to ensure the greatest accuracy during calibration. All balances are calibrated and checked using certified traceable weights.

Suncoast Pipette Repair offers the following:
· A commitment to accommodating our customers needs every time, completely.
· Complete disassembly, cleaning, refurbishing of pipette.
· cleaning
· maintenance
· minor repairs
· Same day service is available on appointment.
· New seal & O-ring (where applicable).
· Certification according to manufacturer specifications.
· Warranty: 120 days on Calibration.

These are just some of the brands we are able to service:
· Rainin
· Nichiryo Nichipette
· Labsystems Finnpipette.
· Gilson Pipetman, single channel and multichannel models.
· Eppendorf
· Oxford
· Biohit
· Titertek single channel and multichannel
· Titertek Plus (ICN)
· Drummond Pipette Aid
· Plus many others